Light Sport Aviation took over the Evektor Aerotechnik UK dealership in 2013. The dealership before that had been in the hands of Cosmik Aviation. Cosmik had built up the UK market over many years supplying New Team Eurostar aircraft both kits and ready to fly including spare parts to nearly two hundred clients.

Evektor Aerotechnik are a Czech manufacturing company based near Brno. Evektor build and supply several different aircraft types. After taking over from Cosmik, LSA built one further Team Eurostar and supplied a Team Eurostar kit to local clients. We were then informed that the Team Eurostar was to be discontinued.


This was due to streamlining production at the factory and standardising. We then looked at the possibilities

and found that the EV-97 Eurostar SL might fit the bill. We entered discussions with Evektor and agreed on a joint project to get the aircraft approved as a microlight in the UK. This took a couple of months which included full spin testing with progressive weights being fitted to the rear of the fuselage for an aft C of G. This was found to be satisfactory and we immediately went into production with orders. The test aircraft is now in use at Wycombe as share aircraft enjoyed by the group. The new aircraft for the UK market has proved popular as it has a GBRS system and can be fully painted, plus it has a state of the art instrument panel with electronic display.


As at February 2017 LSA has completed 26 aircraft in many different colours and several with autopilot, the RAF now have two of these new SLs. These aircraft are in operation at schools, by syndicate groups and private individuals. As well as building aircraft we have carried out several repairs and modifications to the existing fleet.


In addition to backup from all of the technical department at Evektor LSA have a design consultant and full support from the BMAA & LAA technical team. LSA has CAA A8-1 approval for the manufacture of aircraft and flight testing.

LSA have a continuous improvement plan and strive to supply the best quality service and product. A well stocked stores helps to maintain the over 200 aircraft flying in the UK alone. Having now completed more than 30 aircraft builds plus supplied many spare parts and repairs we are well established in the industry.