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Light Sport Aviation Limited

01494 524020

Approved UK Evektor dealership

Light Sport Aviation limited

We are the approved UK Evektor dealership for the Evektor range of aircraft, including the new EV-97 Eurostar SL Microlight, & the Sportstar RTC both as ready-to-fly or self build kit aircraft.

Spares and replacement parts are available either to collect or by mail order. At Wycombe Air Park, Booker we have excellent workshop facilities for service and repairs. A spacious hanger area for building aircraft.

Please feel free to visit us.

LSA Opening Times:

Monday         09.30 - 17.00

Tuesday        09.30 - 17.00

Wednesday   09.30 - 17.00

Thursday       09.30 - 17.00

Friday            09.30 - 16.00

Sat, Sun.       By arrangement

2014 Shows (come and meet us)…

Light Sport Aviation Limited,

Hangar 1, Wycombe Air Park,

Booker. SL7 3DP

Tel: 01494 524020  E-mail: lsa@live.co.uk   

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CAA Approved Company DAI/9954/13

New SL Microlight
Inc. BRS
Glass panel available soon
Wide cockpit & eye ball vents
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